2-Minute Film Festival

 2MFF 2015 - Main

It's time for movie magic—a whole 120 seconds worth—as CMOA's 2-Minute Film Festival returns for the sixth year! Carnegie Museum of Art received nearly 200 entries from all over the world for this edition of the festival. And more than 40 of the entries were from local filmmakers!

This year, we're partnering with Pittsburgh’s Row House Cinema for the 2-Minute Film Festival series. Row House Cinema is a single-screen, state-of-the-art theater in the historic Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Be sure to join us at one of the celebratory events below, or attend a screening the week of July 15–20 at Row House!

Opening Party for 2MFF
Friday, July 15 at 7 p.m.
Premiere the sixth annual 2-Minute Film Festival with a party and screening at Row House Cinema! Have a delicious beer on us and snacks from B52, The Vandal, and Butterwood Bake Consortium. Then, kick back in the theater to watch our picks from 2-minute films from across the globe.

Third Thursday: CINEMA
Thursday, July 21, 8–11 p.m.
It is time for movie magic - a whole 120 seconds worth - as CMOA's 2-Minute Film Festival returns for the sixth year! Screen the locally and internationally submitted films and cheer for the award winners for Critics' Choice, Audience Favorite, and Best Local Film. Celebrate the cinematic excellence while grooving to EyeJay the DJ and snap a photo on our red carpet.

Screenings at Row House
July 15–20, various times
Festival screenings at Row House feature special concessions as well as a slew of two minute short films from all across the globe, including local filmmakers.

Questions? Email 2mff@cmoa.org.

Special thanks to Row House Cinema for their partnership on this year's festival!

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Filmmaker List 

  • S. Tucker Orbison: Erleuchtung 
  • Morgen Miller: Woman Who Hates Plants 
  • Bruno Carnide: Winter 
  • Jehan Madhani: I am pretty sure that the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority wants me to fall in love with the stranger next to me 
  • Ayerim Villanueva: Some days 
  • Samuel Rinkacs and Tyler Barkich: Video/tape 
  • Jeffrey Smee: Lazy Day 
  • Masha Zarnitsa: Bear Hugs 
  • Seth Smiley: The Summer of 20Cicada 
  • Tomer Werechson: La gran final de piano 
  • Krishan Hooda: Milsum 
  • Saeed Naghavian: Refugee Camp 
  • Jean-Michel Rolland Burning Matches 
  • P. Sam Kessie: Body & Form: Reflections, Repetition and Opposites 
  • Thomas Kyhn Rovsing Hjørnet: Disciplin og fylogenese (Discipline and phylogeny) 
  • Lisa McCarty: Fragments of a Tesseract 
  • Sandra May Beukes: L’homme au Monocle (The Man in the Monocle) 
  • Reza Golchin: Class 
  • Bill Wade: Poet Lynn Emanuel: Noose and Hook 
  • Andreea Dobre: Insectar (Insectarium) 
  • Maureen Hilton: Knit in Motion 
  • Lola Adebiyi: High Tolerance 
  • Anton Forsdik: I Don’t Want to Live Anywhere Else 
  • Ivette Spradlin: Accompaniment 
  • Jose Muniain: #cake 
  • Besnik Ibrahimi Life: Feel Alive 
  • BPO Films / Ben Dietels: The Pizzaboy (Trailer) 
  • Dana Sink: Bicycle 
  • Jordan C. Taylor / DS Kinsel: Playing For 
  • Dennis Tsai Ambush from Ten Sides 
  • Mazen Lotfy: Second 63 
  • Patricia McInroy: Wishes 
  • Angela Adusah / Brennan Alexa: Skin 
  • Andrew Payne: Light and Shadows 8 
  • Marcie Lacerte: Thporth! 
  • Kevin Kino: Busted! 
  • Scott Gros: Automation 
  • Kalpana Biswas: Kandahar Diary 
  • Molly Brown: Frog Jam 
  • Madalene Spezialetti: In The Air 
  • Tejasvi Kang: The Saviour 
  • Ryan Sanderson: Pendulum 
  • Ileana Doble Hernandez: A good man is hard to find, so cook him! 
  • Ashley Andrews / Ashley Andrykovitch: The App Expo 
  • Nathan King: Coffee 
  • Miguel Braga / Gonçalo Roquette: The Last Cooper in Lisbon 
  • Matthew R. Day: Kayak Canoe - An M.R.Day Film 
  • Ignacio F. Rodó: Tuck me in 
  • Sergio Pastore: Have Not Been – III 
  • Mike Hanley: Foam Dart Shootout 
  • Lauren Valley: Picture This 
  • Aaron Miranda: The Screw UP 
  • Evan Mulgrave: On The Hook 
  • Ben Ziv / Daniel Binsted: There is a Place 
  • Will Simmons: On a Page of the Hymnal 
  • Chris Mason: States Past