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Sebastian Errazuriz: Look Again

09/06/2014 – 1/12/2015 

Hall of Architecture, Forum Gallery

Through found and repurposed objects, unexpected interventions, and meticulously crafted interactive furniture, Sebastian Errazuriz surprises, provokes, and engages at every turn, asking viewers to rethink the everyday, to confront the transience of life, and question the status quo. A desk lamp resurrects a discarded taxidermy duck; a floating coffin with an outboard motor offers an escape from life with style and flair; a cabinet guards its contents with armor of bamboo spikes; and folding chairs, painted with the slogans of Occupy Wall Street protesters, carry the messages of the 99% into the homes of the art collectors in the 1%. Not to be missed, this exhibition will reveal Errazuriz’s wide-ranging talent and his ability to be simultaneously shocking and irreverent, yet profoundly sensitive and humbling. 

Sebastian Errazuriz: Look Again is the 73rd installment of Carnegie Museum of Art's Forum series. This exhibition is organized by Rachel Delphia, The Alan G. and Jane A. Lehman Curator of Decorative Arts and Design.

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