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The Sandbox: At Play with the Photobook (part of the Hillman Photography Initiative)

05/3/2014 – 07/28/2014 

Coatroom Gallery

The Sandbox_Installation View_658x234

Meet Ed and Melissa—bookstore owners, photographers, and photography enthusiasts.

The photobook is a thriving medium for encountering a group of images, and the preferred presentation of many photographers. This form of publishing responds to the basic structure of photographic production, and is growing despite digital distribution of images. Melissa Catanese and Ed Panar know this terrain well. Catanese and Panar are both artists, and owners of Spaces Corners, a Pittsburgh bookshop dedicated to photography books. As part of the Hillman Photography Initiative, a living laboratory for exploring the rapidly changing field of photography, Catanese and Panar were invited to the museum as artists in residence. Their installation, called The Sandbox transforms the museum’s coatroom gallery into a playful hybrid space for encounters with the photobook: part reading room, part bookshop, part library, part event space. Encounter a rotating selection of photobooks and intimate events emphasizing contemporary trends that give the medium its character.

The Sandbox also hosts A People’s History of Pittsburgh, an online project inviting visitors to share images from Pittsburgh’s past, with select images contributing to a new publication. 

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