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Lucien Aigner

During Recess in French School, Paris

c. 1935

John Arms

In Memoriam


Daniel French

Allegorical Figure of Architecture


Jared French

Paul Cadmus

c. 1940

Frank French

The Golden Stairs (after a Drawing by Sir E. Burne-Jones)

Frank French

Roseleaves (after a Drawing by Albert Moore)


French School

Fireplace; [interior elevation]

c. 1780

Robert Gober



Childe Hassam

French Cruiser


Johann Kändler

Candy basket

c. 1745 with later 18th or 19th-century French mount

George Lynes

Paul Cadmus, Jared French and George Tooker

c. 1945

Joel Meyerowitz

The French Portfolio: Street Buskar

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