Past Exhibitions

Worlds Away: New Suburban Landscapes

October 4, 2008 – January 19, 2009


Worlds-Away_Stimac_Mowing the Lawn_MAIN_658x234.jpg

Long mythologized as a site of homogeneity and conformity, American suburbs have changed dramatically in the last 30 years, as growing numbers of minorities, immigrants, and non-traditional families make their homes there. 

No longer simply bedroom communities serving urban centers, suburbs have evolved into important generators of economic growth. While the subdivisions, shopping malls, and retail strips of suburbia give the impression of undifferentiated sprawl, they are only the most conspicuous elements of a complex physical and psychic terrain. Through works and propositions by over 30 artists and architects,Worlds Away explores the myths and realities of suburbs, provocatively exposing the fascinating layers of these deceptively familiar places. 

Exhibition Credits

Worlds Away: New Suburban Landscapes is organized by Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, in association with the Heinz Architectural Center at Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh. The exhibition is made possible by generous support from The Heinz Endowments, John Taft, and Home Depot. The programs of the Heinz Architectural Center are made possible by the generosity of the Drue Heinz Trust. General support for the museum’s exhibition program is provided by The Heinz Endowments, the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and Allegheny Regional Asset District. 

Installation Views