Past Exhibitions

Portal to the Point: A Design Ideas Exploration

October 19, 2011 – October 23, 2011


portal to the point 658x234.jpg

What will the next generation make of Point State Park?

Portal to the Point: A Design Ideas Exploration presents the work of five multidisciplinary teams from across the United States who were invited to explore ideas relating to the form, function, artistic elements, and interpretative design of Point State Park’s Portal Bridge and its immediate vicinity.

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Point State Park has a long, celebrated, and, at times, contentious history. The most visible landmark in Pittsburgh and the subject of countless photographs, it is a place of paramount importance to the history of the United States. Today, Point State Park is the city’s focal point for recreation, celebration, and enjoyment, the site of festivals, concerts, and regattas.  

Exhibition Credits

Portal to the Point is an Idea Generation Project funded by Colcom Foundation of Pittsburgh and coordinated by SPRINGBOARD Design.

Installation Views

portal to the point_INST1_194x194.jpg