Past Exhibitions

The Playground Project

June 10, 2013 – August 11, 2013



The Playground Project presents some of the most outstanding and influential mid-century playgrounds from Europe, the United States, and Japan.

As part of the 2013 Carnegie International, The Playground Project takes a look at the history of playgrounds in order to reconsider our own time and the way we approach childhood, risk, public space, and education. The project also puts the concept of play into the foreground as an important way of thinking, one that has influenced the development of the 2013 Carnegie International. One outcome is the recent addition of a Lozziwurm, a play sculpture designed in 1972, in front of the museum. 

The Playground Project is open through August 11, 2013, and will reopen on October 5 with the 2013 Carnegie International. The reopening will include two new installations: a pioneering new project by Tezuka Architects and a road movie revolving around playgrounds by contemporary artists Ei Arakawa and Henning Bohl.  


This exhibition is organized by Gabriela Burkhalter, independent curator.

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Installation Views