Art Appreciation Classes


You’ve heard of Rembrandt, Monet, and Warhol, but what makes them great artists? Gain a new appreciation for the history of art from ancient to contemporary times, with a focus on the museum’s world-class collection. Through captivating gallery walks and provocative lectures you’ll become acquainted with a range of artists in ways that you never before considered. Readings and take-home exercises reinforce the experience and ensure a deeper level of knowledge. Both sessions of this course will be taught by Dr. Julia Finch (Saint Vincent College, University of Pittsburgh).

New courses coming in 2015!


Image (L to R): Roman, detail of Youth, c. 140 CE, marble, Decorative Arts Purchase Fund; Ambrosius Benson, detail of Portrait of a Man Holding a Book, c. 1530, oil on panel, Bequest of Howard A. Noble; Mary Cassatt, Young Women Picking Fruit, 1891, oil on canvas, Patrons Art Fund

From Our students

"Dr. Finch did a great job teaching the class. We did go through a large volume of material, but it was done in a way that didn't feel rushed and there was always time for questions to be answered. Being able to make use of the galleries, and studying works of art up close, really added to the overall experience and was my favorite part of the course." 

"I looked forward to my art history survey class every week. Dr. Finch was so knowledgeable and interesting." 

"Dr. Finch is a wonderfully engaging speaker whose passion for her chosen subject is apparent and infectious. I learned so much from her and she made it so much fun."

"Very cogent lectures. Essences with surprising inserts that were hers alone....Would not have missed one lecture."