The Charity Randall Gallery

Balcony Gallery MainThe Charity Randall Gallery, located off of the Hall of Sculpture Balcony, is dedicated to the exhibition and interpretation of Modernist and contemporary design and craft. The 350-square-foot gallery, formerly known as the Balcony Gallery and as the Treasure Room, was renovated and reinstalled in 2011. The inaugural installation, Hand Made: Contemporary Craft in Ceramic, Glass, and Wood, features 65 masterworks from from the three most significant studio craft movements of the last 70 years. Before its renovation (which included the addition of climate control, deeper cases, and a new flexible shelving system), the gallery had hosted a variety small temporary exhibitions.



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View into the Charity Randall Gallery from the Hall of Sculpture Balcony


View of David Shrigley installation in the Balcony Gallery during Life on Mars, the 2008 Carnegie International