Professional Development for Teachers

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Teachers can earn Act 48 activity hours for participation in various workshops, museum classes, lectures, and public programs. Download a printable
PDF of the ACT 48 activity hours form 

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Upcoming Programs and Workshops

Evening for Educators: Annual Open House
November 13, 2014
3:30–8 p.m.
$10 before November 10, 2014; $15 after November 10, 2014
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Unwind after a day with students. We’ll provide the inspiration.

Our Evening for Educators brings together teachers and educators from across the region to mingle, relax, and hear from our special guest speaker, Linda Benedict-Jones, Carnegie Museum of Art curator of photography. Admission includes dinner, drinks, and access to the evening’s festivities in the galleries with colleagues and museum education staff. 
This year at the museum we’ve been investigating the boundaries and possibilities of photography, as well as the importance of visual literacy in our culture. Now you can join the conversation by learning more about CMOA and the different ways to engage students when learning about the visual arts.

Visual Literacy: Teacher Professional Development Workshop
October 29, 2014; November 21, 2014; December 4, 2014; January 22, 2015
8:30 a.m.–2:30 p.m.
FREE! Includes lunch, reimbursements for substitutes, free admission for up to 25 students per teacher for a follow-up student visit, and Act 48 hours. 


Please note that all workshops are now full. If you have applied, you will be hearing from staff about the status of your application no later than Tuesday, November 4.

Active K-12 teachers will participate in one of four workshops to investigate how to use CMOA’s collection and online resources as a significant part of teaching, student learning, and skill-building across all subject areas. Discussions and activities will revolve around visual literacy (the ability to construct meaning from visual images) and how a guided museum visit can support related classroom learning.

Teacher Advisory Board 2.0
We are excited about the new direction of Carnegie Museum of Art’s teacher advisory board! Instead of assembling a new board around each exhibition, we’re bringing together a group of teachers to commit to a two-year paid contract to work with CMOA education staff. This provides our education staff the flexibility to schedule meetings and find opportunities to gather teacher feedback and ideas for our permanent collection as well as temporary exhibitions.

We currently have 14 teachers from a variety of schools, grade levels, and disciplines working with us, and in Spring 2015 we will be looking for seven new teachers to join us when some of these teachers rotate out. For more information contact Becky Gaugler at