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Teachers working on hands-on projectsReconnect with the passion for education that led you to a career in teaching. Each monthly event offers a tour and a workshop topic from the repertoire available for school student field trips. Explore the same subjects your students can experience on a school visit, but personalized to you as an adult learner. Earn Act 48 hours!

Upcoming Programs and Workshops


By attending, you will receive a free follow-up tour or workshop on any topic for up to 30 students thanks to the generosity of The Grable Foundation. Learn about the content and format of the museum’s rich range of programs for students by participating in either the tour or the workshop. Find meaning in great works of art and share your ideas with like-minded educators from the region. Debrief and discuss how topics can be tailored to your classroom objectives over wine and light refreshments.

February Teacher Tour & Workshop
February 11, 2016, 4–6 p.m.
Tour: The Culture of Ancient Greece and Rome: Art, Architecture and Mythology
Do you think your students know that Nike shoes are named after the ancient Greek goddess of victory? Or why our government buildings have columns and triangular porches? Learn about the great achievements of ancient Greece and Rome from classical architecture and sculpture to rich mythological narratives and what makes them continue to be relevant in our world today.

Workshop: Connections between Art and Math
Concepts like balance, scale, and proportion are as critical to art as to math. Discover how artists and architects employ these and other mathematical concepts in art and architecture throughout time.

March Teacher Tour & Workshop
March 10, 2016, 4–6 p.m.
Tour: Global Art: the 20th and 21st Centuries
How have artists addressed compelling aspects of life in the last 100 years? What cultural and technological innovations have transformed materials and media available to artists? In what ways does nonrepresentational art still communicate ideas and emotions? Explore these ideas and more in this fascinating look at modern and contemporary art.

Workshop: Designing Functional Objects
Design requires us to think about a problem and work through logical paths to its solution. Discover the steps in that creative and iterative process with functional objects in the museum’s collection as examples. Have fun considering the implications of various decisions made by—from materials to construction methods--on the final form of objects from across time and cultures

Teachers can earn Act 48 activity hours for participation in various workshops, museum classes, lectures, and public programs. Download Teachers ACT 48 Activity Hours Form.

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