Heinz Galleries

Heinz Galleries MainThe Heinz Galleries are dedicated to the presentation of temporary changing exhibitions. The four spacious galleries host three to five major exhibitions per year. Designed by Edward Larrabee Barnes to complement the permanent collection galleries that opened in 1974, the Heinz Galleries were inaugurated in October 1975 with the opening of Pittsburgh Corporations Collect. The lofty, open galleries, with simple lines, white floors, and skylights to allow abundant natural light, continued Barnes’s commitment to create a space of “quiet contemplation." 

Recent major exhibitions hosted in the Heinz Galleries include Inventing the Modern World:Decorative Arts at the World’s Fairs, 1851–1939; Teenie Harris, Photographer: An American Story;and Ordinary Madness. They are also the primary location of Carnegie International exhibitions, mounted every three to five years.

More Gallery views


View of Ordinary Madness, 2010


View of Teenie Harris, Photographer: An American Story, 2011


View of Paul Thek: Diver, A Retrospective, 2011