The Art Connection: Saturday Classes Grades 5–9

Spend the season painting, drawing, sculpting, and more.

artconnection658Make the museum’s art studios and galleries your creative playground as you learn to draw, paint, print, sculpt, design, assemble and more with like-minded 5th–9th grade kids and inspiring teaching artists. For nine Saturdays from January to March, combine exciting artmaking with the chance to observe, debate, and interpret groundbreaking art. 

It's challenging, it’s fun, and at the end of it all, you’ll get to see your work in the annual student exhibition at CMOA. The Art Connection is the museum’s longest running art class, celebrating its 85th year in  2014. Andy Warhol got his start as a student playing with art materials in CMOA’s Saturday classes—maybe you will too! Be part of this great tradition. 

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From our students

artconnection2_310wide"Some things in life are special. To me, that special thing is art. Over the years, art has become a passion for me. Everything about art is great."—Taylor, Grade 6

"I took the class this year because I had so much fun last year. I love art and we experience so much at The Art Connection."—Katie, Grade 6

"I created something that represents me….Art to me is when you dream, and use your imagination to create something. The sky is the limit to what you can do with art. Even when you make art out of everyday life."—Branà, Grade 7

 "I get inspiration from professional artists and artists in my class"—Wendy, Grade 7 

"When I think of art I think of something fun, something real, something creative, something more like me. When I think of art I think that I can be one of thousands to go and chase my dream the right way."
—Tayaunna, Grade 8

"Art is a feeling without words. I attempt to open people’s eyes to the world around them."—Katie, Grade 8