ARTventures: Gallery Fun for Families

Drop-in family fun is free with museum admission!

artventures658ARTventures: Gallery Fun for Families
Free with museum admission

Gallery activities, audio guides, exploration tables, and drop-in art making, all designed for adults and kids to enjoy together, add up to family fun. Registration is not required for these free activities, and most are available during all open hours. Look for the ARTventures signs to find extra family fun on weekends in a various gallery locations. Our friendly staff will help you get started! 

Current Topics

Scaife Gallery Fun
Scaife Galleries, Saturdays & Sundays, 12:30–4:30 p.m. 

ARTventures staff launch you on imaginative dialogues with portraits, prompt you to imitate the pose of sculptures, or get you going on quick sketches inspired by works of art.   


Other Activities

Gallery activities get you looking, talking, and exploring together:

→ Our family-focused Audio Guide is narrated by Art Cat, CMOA’s kids program mascot. Ask at the admissions desk for a free MP3 player or use your personal cell phone to follow Art Cat’s path through the galleries. 

→ In the Scaife Galleries, learn why Monet and Pissarro painted the same scenes over and over again and see if you can determine the time of day and weather conditions depicted in each. Watch original footage of Monet painting his monumental Water Lilies in his personal garden in Giverny.

→ In the Bruce Galleries, videos and touchable materials and tools demonstrate the carving and inlay processes used on 18th-century furniture. See the step-by-step process of restoring a badly damaged antique chair, feel the differences in Tiffany’s innovative types of glass, and marvel at the expertise of a contemporary glass blower at work.